The Parties acknowledge and accept that they shall conduct their respective business in accordance with the Regulationof the Commaission.


Subject to Clause 6.1, the Parties shall co-ordinate with each other on a regular basis in order to resolve all operational issues, including inter-connection, metering, load shedding and other day to day matters and for the said purpose shall, form such co-ordination committees consisting of such officers as the the Parties may mutually agree.


The co-ordination committees established by the Parties pursuant to Clause 6.2 shall settle the Operating Procedure, which will regulate relations between the Parties in respect of connection of the Distribution System to the Transmission System, the repair and maintenance of Points of Supply and interconnection, metering at each of the Points of Supply. The Operating Procedures prepared by the co-ordination committees may be amended from time to time by agreement between the Parties. The first set of Operating Procedures agreed to between the Parties is contained in Schedule C.


The Operating Procedures shall be subject to and in accordance with the Regulations of the Comission referred to in Clause 6.1. In the event there is any dispute relating to the arrangement or implementation of the Operating Procedures the matter will be resolved in accordance with Article 11 of this Agreement.


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